From Code::Blocks

How-to build KiCad with Code::Blocks

by Tim Stahlhut (stahta01)


- wxWidgets
- zlib
- Boost C++
- CMake
- Code::Blocks

MinGW GCC Compiler steps

install "mingw".

Install zlib.

For more zlib info see
Download Developer files for Zlib from
Extract the files from into your MinGW base folder.
Download Binaries files for Zlib from
Extract the DLL from into any folder that is in your path; like your MinGW bin folder.

Install Boost C++ Template Libraries (*.hpp files)

  • BoostWindowsQuickRef: A beginner's quick reference for setting up Boost with Code::Blocks in Windows

wxWidgets Steps

Build KiCad using CMake and Code::Blocks Steps

Install the KiCad source tree.

Install CMAKE

Download the installation binary for windows from
Install that and choose to add cmake to your path during installation.
You will have to restart and command shells for the new path to take effect.
Verify that cmake is in your path by trying to run it from a command prompt.

Install Code::Blocks

Patch CMake files to use Monolithic wxWidgets

In file kicad/CMakeLists.txt change the following line

find_package(wxWidgets COMPONENTS gl html adv core net base QUIET)

to this line below

find_package(wxWidgets COMPONENTS mono gl QUIET)

Use CMake to build the KiCad makefiles.

Use Code::Blocks to build KiCad.