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(Plugin announcement announcement)
(Plugin announcement announcement)
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== Plugin announcement announcement ==
== Plugin announcement announcement ==
* [[Template for plugin announcement]] (Read this before posting a new patch!)
* [[Template for plugin announcement]] (Read this before posting a new plugin!)
* [[Replace in Files]] (MortenMacFly)
* [[Replace in Files]] (MortenMacFly)
* [[Tab versus Space]] (MortenMacFly)
* [[Tab versus Space]] (MortenMacFly)

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HowTo announce a new plugin/patch

Please read carefully:

This WiKi section is to announce:

  • a new plugin that is not within the contrib folder of the SVN repository
  • a patch that is not a bugfix or similar and/or will not be applied to the SVN repository (e.g. because it's very specific)

If a plugin/patch is moved to the repository don't forget to remove it from here! This section is intended to collect the information about available plugins/patches in one place. So the announcement should be short and clear. It should (however) include at least the following content:

  • Name of the plugin and purpose
  • Version (state) and date of last update (or release in the first place)
  • Link to a thread (to be created) in the developers plugin-forum for discussion of features, bugs, wishlist etc.
  • A link where the most up-to-date version can be downloaded (e.g. in the forum).

The best way maybe to copy the section from another plugin/patch and do the same.

Patch announcement

Plugin announcement announcement