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=== Lexer/Templates announcements ===
=== Lexer/Templates announcements ===
* [http://developer.berlios.de/patch/?func=detailpatch&patch_id=3270&group_id=5358 CMake lexer]
* [[d_source File wizard]]
* [[d_source File wizard]]
* [[Java lexer]]
* [[Java lexer]]

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HowTo announce a new plugin/patch or similar

Please read carefully:

This WiKi section is to announce:

  • a new plugin that is not within the contrib folder of the SVN repository
  • a patch that is not a bugfix or similar and/or will not be applied to the SVN repository (e.g. because it's very specific)
  • a new lexer/template that is not completed or approved and/or will not be added to the SVN

If a plugin/patch/lexer/template is moved to the repository don't forget to remove it from here! This section is intended to collect the information about available plugins/patches/lexerers/templates in one place. So the announcement should be short and clear. It should (however) include at least the following content:

  • Name of the plugin/patch/lexer/template and purpose
  • Version (state) and date of last update (or release in the first place)
  • Link to a thread (to be created) in the developers (plugin) forum for discussion of features, bugs, wishlist etc.
  • A link where the most up-to-date version can be downloaded (e.g. in the forum).

The best way may be to copy the section from the template plugin/patch/lexer/template and update it with your information. This will ensure consistency in the best way! Read the article How to add another announcement to read how to change the WiKi accordingly.

Patch announcements

So far there are no new patches.

Plugin announcements

These are the user-contributed plugins:

  • [/index.php/topic,13723.msg92518.html#msg92518 Bazaar] (Tools menu)
  • BlackDoc
  • [/index.php/topic,10901.0.html cbNSIS]
  • [/index.php/topic,14184.0.html cbvcs]
  • ClangComplete
  • [/index.php/topic,14339.0.html CodePaste]
  • [/index.php/topic,15915.0.html CompileOnDemand]
  • [/index.php/topic,8568.0.html ColorCoder]
  • FormatFortranIndent
  • [/index.php/topic,13348.0.html InnoSetup]
  • [/index.php/topic,16249.0.html Semantic highlight] (In progress)
  • [/index.php/topic,7063.0.html SVNInside]
  • XPM Editor

Lexer/Templates announcements