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   name = BrowseTracker |
   name = BrowseTracker |
   logo = [[Image:Generic-plugin.png]] |
   logo = [[Image:Generic-plugin.png]] |
  developer = [[Pecan Heber]] |
  maintainer = Pecan|
  version = 1

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Developer(s): {{{developer}}}
Maintainer(s): {{{maintainer}}}
Version: {{{version}}}

BrowseTracker is a small CodeBlocks plugin to browse back and forth to recently activated CodeBlocks editors.

It keeps a 20 slot history of recently activated editors.

It uses the Alt-Left and Alt-Right command keys to move through the editor stack in the order in which they were activated.

For convienence there is a menu item at the bottom of the CodeBlocks Main Menu/View that allows you to clear the history stack.

Updated 2007/08/2 Version 0.1.10


The file above contains all source and .cbplugin files for both MSW and unix.

To install the plugin:

   * Unzip the downloaded file.
   * Close all active CodeBlocks projects
   * Use the CodeBlocks installer at
     MainMenu/Plugins/Manage Plugins.../Install New
   * Navigate to the location you unzipped the file above.
   * Double click BrowseTracker.cbplugin for MSWindows
   * Double click libBrowseTracker.cbplugin for unix

You may have to restart CodeBlocks if there were pre-existing editors open during the install.

If CodeBlocks whines about SDK version or Symbol mismatches, the zip file contains the .cbp project files necessary to compile the source.