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Version: 1

BrowseTracker is a small CodeBlocks plugin to browse back and forth to recently activated CodeBlocks editors.

It keeps a 20 slot history of recently activated editors.

It uses the Alt-Left and Alt-Right command keys to move through the editor stack in the order in which they were activated.

For convienence there is a menu item at the bottom of the CodeBlocks Main Menu/View that allows you to clear the history stack.

For each active editor, BrowseTracker memorizes the mouse clicks (one per page) for the last 20 cursor positions. The user browses to previous locations via the Alt-Up and Alt-Down keys.

Memorizing multiple locations per page can be forced with a Ctrl+Left-Mouse click.

Updated 2007/12/01 Version 1.2.5

The file above contains all source and .cbplugin files for both MSW and unix.

To install the plugin:

   * Unzip the downloaded file.
   * Close all active CodeBlocks projects
   * Use the CodeBlocks installer at
     MainMenu/Plugins/Manage Plugins.../Install New
   * Navigate to the location you unzipped the file above.
   * Double click BrowseTracker.cbplugin for MSWindows
   * Double click libBrowseTracker.cbplugin for unix

You may have to restart CodeBlocks if there were pre-existing editors open during the install.

If CodeBlocks whines about SDK version or Symbol mismatches, the zip file contains the .cbp project files necessary to compile the source.