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  • Avoid large paragraphs. Break them up a bit.
  • Use a professional writing style. Don't get too silly in your writing. If you start warning your audience about anything or using a lot of cliches like 'just my $.02' you're bordering on silly.
  • Name sections according to content. The table of contents should show a map of where the discussion is going to go.

This is not a useful TOC:

1 The Obligitory Warning
2 Get your boilerplate ready
3 The Meaty Part
4 From Bad to Worse
  • Use proper English, spelling, and grammar. Copy your text into Word to do a spelling & grammar check if need be.
  • Link your article with the articles or tutorials page only after it has been proof read.
  • Don't post code that you haven't actually compiled and ran, nor code that you didn't write. Publishing someone else's original work usually constitutes infringment (unless explicitely permitted) and is actionable in most countries.
  • Post all code necessary. Provide both the inline code that you are commenting on, and also post the full code base for easy copying and pasting.
  • Write for multiple platforms. Code::Blocks has a wide audience. If you don't use another platform ask someone in the forums to cross check your work before posting.
  • Stay on topic. Pick one or a few related topics and write exclusively to that subject. If you have many ideas, make separate tutorials.