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Welcome to the Community portal of the Code::Blocks Wiki!

Here you can find Tasks that need to be done and articles that should be written or need improvement. Please help to make this Wiki better! Place requests in the appropriate section. Look at the Help to learn how to edit the wiki.

This Wiki wants you!

Article wishlist

Add your wishes here.

Improvable articles

Too short? Spelling, grammar or textual mistakes? Out-of-date? Add these articles here or improve one of them. Wikify

To-Do List

Other things that are necessary...

Main page redesign

The main page needs to be redesigned (hopefully) before the RC3 release. The left-side menu could be tweaked too while we're at it.


  • Remove the blue box
  • Replace the header image with a bigger one
  • Simplify description


  • Remove Announcements for plugins/patches link

Supported compilers

  • Remove it; replace with features (which would include the supported compilers).

Left-side menu

  • Remove Random page link
  • Add links to basic documentation like features and installing

Help with the Wiki


The Wiki news...

  • 11 April: Started categorizing the Wiki.