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Some naming conventions could be used in order to give more visual uniformity across the Wiki. They should be applied to names and trademarks, titles, sample outputs and command lines. These conventions are only suggestions, but I think they offer a better experience when there are many pages to read, just like in books.

Names and trademarks

Some consistency should be used for names and trademarks in all the pages:

  • Code::Blocks instead of CodeBlocks, C::B etc.
  • MS Windows instead of Windows
  • Mac OS X instead of OSX
  • Wiki instead of wiki
  • etc.

Titles for articles and sections

The format of the titles for articles and sections should be consistent, there are three possibilities here:

  • 1. Only the first letter of the first word capitalized.
  • 2. All first letters of each word capitalized.
  • 3. All first letters of each word capitalized, except for articles, conjunctions and prepositions.


  • 1. Building from source
  • 2. Building From Source
  • 3. Building from Source

A choice has to be made there, as there is no best solution. My personal preference would go for the second solution, as solution #2 seems to be used for many pages on the Wiki. Someone has to decide which convention to choose for the entire website.

Filenames, directory names, and sample outputs

In order to identify more easily filenames, directory names and sample outputs (from programs, scripts, etc.), they could be placed inside <tt></tt> tags, as there are no HTML samp tag equivalent in the WikiMedia syntax yet.


Command lines

Just like filenames, directory names and sample outputs, command lines are easier to read when placed inside <pre></pre> tags. Most of the time, <nowiki></nowiki> tags need to be used so there is no special interpretations (URIs for example). If there is only one line to be displayed, you just need to place a space before the command line.


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