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Get the source code

When you download the svn source code of code::blocks,(see here Installing_Code::Blocks_from_source_on_Windows#Code::Blocks_sources the source code of this plugin was already included. See a screenshot of these code opened in code::blocks under windows.

Code completion source tree opened in code::blocks

Low level parser

For someone havn't heard what does "Token" and "Tokenize" means, you should read the wikibooks article A brief explain of what does a parser do and Tokenize on wikipedia. Shortly, a parser treats your C++ or C code as a large array of characters, then this big string was divided to small atom strings, meanwhile "spaces" and "comments" were ignored.

Tokenizer class

There are several steps to running the Tokenizer class

  • A thread must be created to parse a source file.
  • Open the source file and convert the file buff to Unicode mode.(since we are all using Unicode build of code::blocks, and ANSI mode is outdated).
  • The class contains a Pointer to the current position of the character, so, you can Get or Peek the current character.
  • Nested Value was kept to indicate your are in the correct brace pair.

High level parser

Each identifier will be recorded and saved in the memory for later usage.

UI issue