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This page contains many of the common problems Code::Blocks users may run into and their solutions.

I cannot use the debugger


All the options in the debug menu are grayed out.


Code::Blocks can only use integrated debugging on an active project. Start a new project and add the file to it.

Note: Code:Blocks only supports the GNU GDB and MSVC CDB debuggers.

Multi-targets library and executable ignore interdependence


My project contains a two targets: static/dynamic library and an executable that links to it. Code::Blocks does not

  • build the library first.
  • force relink if the library is changed.


Open Project->Properties...->Build targets (tab) and select the executable. Click Dependencies... and add the name of the library (including its relative path) to External dependency files.

Example: output\myLibrary\libdostuff.a

I want to report compile problem abc


Every time I build my project xyz, compile problem abc happens, and I want to report it on the forums as a Code::Blocks bug.


Try building the project from command line. If the same error comes up, it is a problem with either the source file, the compiler, or the compiler setup. If this is the case, you are unlikely to receive support for it on the Code::Blocks forums, however, How do I troubleshoot an compiler problem? may help.

If it works fine building from command line, it is either a problem with your project or Code::Blocks' setup, or possibly an actual bug. When posting this problem, include the name of your compiler, operating system, Code::Blocks version, compiler log (go to Settings->Compiler and debugger...->Build options (tab) and check Save build log and Always output the full command line), and, if it caused Code::Blocks to crash, the codeblocks.RPT file (located in the Code::Blocks installation directory).

Template: Paste the following template into your post, editing the relevant sections.

OS = MyOperatingSystem
CB Version = Code::BlocksVersionNumber
Compiler = CompilerName CompilerVersionNumber

Description of relevant events.

Build log:
Paste build log here

Crash report:
If Code::Blocks crashed, paste the contents of codeblocks.RPT here.