Compiling wxWidgets 2.4.2 to develop Code::Blocks (MSW)

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These are the instructions to Install and compile wxWidgets 2.4.2 so you can later compile Code::Blocks on your own.

(NOTE: The instructions are MS Windows (TM) specific, but some could be applied to other platforms as well)

(NOTE: This article is under construction)

1. Install MinGW If you don't have the Code::Blocks+MinGW bundle, grab the latest MINGW stuff (including MSYS) from the MINGW site and install it under a directory you like. In this tutorial we're assumming you're installing MINGW under C:\MINGW.

2. Set up MSYS

3. Download and Install the wxWidgets source code.

4. Build wxWidgets.

5. Build the STC library.

6. Build the XRC library.

7. Copy the files to your mingw directory or set up the paths.