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WARNING: Page is under development. Please do not change until this message disappears.

If you want to contribute to Code::Blocks you can make it easier for the developers to integrate your patches if you follow the advices of this page.

Patches can be created in different formats. The format that is used by Code::Blocks is called a "unified diff". Hence 3rd party tools may still create a different patch format allthough it may be labelled as "unified diff". To avoid unnecessary incompatibilities the best way to provide a patch is to use the Subversion (SVN) diff command line option.

What is required? Not too much, you might already have the required tools installed. You'll need a subversion client. You can download a current version for your OS at the Subversion project webpage. It is a good idea to apply your code to the most up-to-date Code::Blocks sources as they are available at the SVN repository. You'll find the instructions how to obtain the sources here: