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== Plug-In development ==
== Plug-In development ==
* [[Creating a simple "Hello World" Plug-In]]
* [[Creating a simple "Hello World" plugin]]
* [[Creating a Plug-in which modifies CB's Menus]]
* [[Creating a Plug-in which modifies CB's Menus]]
* [[Creating a Plug-in that actually does something]]
* [[Creating a plugin that actually does something]]
* [[Managing Plug-in Resources]]
* [[Managing Plug-in Resources]]

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Articles for Code::Blocks developers.

Code::Blocks uses Launchpad to coordinate translation efforts.
The source code formatting style used in the Code::Blocks' source.
How to add support for new syntax lighting schemes.
Creating a diff file and then submitting it to the patch tracker.
Information about unicode standards and how unicode is handled in Code::Blocks' source code.
List of various development tips for Code::Blocks.
Information about scripting Code::Blocks with Squirrel.
Information about the architecture of Code::Blocks.
Description of the format of each file Code::Blocks produces.

Plug-In development


Using scripting to extend Code::Blocks' functionality