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Developer(s): Damien Moore
Version: 0.1

The EditorTweaks plugin contains several different features. On a per-file basis, it controls

  • word-wrap
  • line-numbers
  • tab key emissions (tab characters or spaces)
  • number of spaces the tab key emits
  • end of line characters (carriage-return + linefeed; carriage-return; linefeed)
  • visibility of end of line characters
  • on-demand striping of trailing white-space
  • on-demand synchronization of end of line characters
  • insert key suppression

From the merge with the Aligner plugin, it has the ability to make sections of code more readable by aligning a specific character. For example, aligning the "=" in

int var = 1;
int longVarName = 2;
int foobar = 3;

will result in

int var         = 1;
int longVarName = 2;
int foobar      = 3;