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Is it possible to integrate the win32-help as in dev-cpp, to get help on the items under the caret?

Integration of the win32 API helpfile should be a no-brainer. Someone could just write a really simple plugin and, upon invocation (through a shortcut possibly), look at the word under the cursor and invoke windows help... If you think you 're up to the task, I can help you with all the info you need. If not, I could write it myself but no promises on a release date ;)

Launching for the first time, Code::Blocks tells me I need to install GNU make. Is this necessary on a Windows system?

Since version 1.0-beta5, no it is not. Code::Blocks works with GNU "make" (here) or without it (default). To choose the build method, go to "Project/Build options", switch to the "Other" tab and select the build method you prefer.

What licence is Code::Blocks released under?

GNU General Public License 2 (GPL)


What compiler can I use with Code::Blocks?

Code::Blocks philosophy is to be able to use any compiler on earth! Well, almost.

As a matter of fact it largely depends on the used compiler plugin. The one provided with the default Code::Blocks installation, supports GNU GCC (MinGW/Cygwin), MS Visual C++ Free Toolkit 2003, Borland's C++ Compiler 5.5 and DigitalMars Free Compiler.

I 'm using gcc compiler from an existing dev-cpp installation. How can I make it work?

As of version 1.0-beta6, if a default MinGW installation is not detected, a Dev-C++ installation is checked for and is used if detected.

You need to take two steps. First, set the compiler master path to the dev-cpp folder. It's under "Settings/Configure plugins/Compiler" in the "Programs" tab... Second, you have to add two additional compiler (include) dirs. Go to "Settings/Configure plugins/Compiler" and in the "Compiler dirs" tab add "dev-cpp\include\c++" and "dev-cpp\include\c++\mingw32" (substituting "dev-cpp" with the actual dev-cpp installation folder).

I just installed Code::Blocks Beta4 and I can't compile anything with BCC.

BCC is not supported 100% yet, unfortunately... The next release (namely 1.0-beta6) should address all BCC issues.

My project should be compiled with a custom makefile. Is it possible with Code::Blocks?

Yes, as of version 1.0-beta4 it is supported. Go to project options and you 'll notice a "Custom Makefile" checkbox. If you check this, Code::Blocks will not create another Makefile for compiling but instead always use this Makefile. You have to understand, though, that it is your sole responsibility to keep this Makefile up to date. Also make sure that "GNU make" is the selected build method for the specific compiler.

I have downloaded MS VC++ Toolkit 2003 for a compiler. How do I tell Code::Blocks that it is my compiler?

Click on "Project/Build options" and select the compiler you want for your project/target.