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Q: What is Code::Blocks?

A: Code::Blocks is an Integrated Development Environment, aka IDE. Thus, a framework for working with source code and using compilers and linkers (in the case of Code::Blocks, these can be several).

Q: What Code::Blocks is not?

A: Code::Blocks is not a compiler, nor a linker. Release packages of Code::Blocks may include a compiler suite (MinGW/GCC), if not provided by the target platform already. However, this is provided "as-is" and not developed/maintained by the Code::Blocks development team.

Q: Is it possible to integrate the win32-help as in dev-cpp, to get help on the items under the caret?

A: Yes, this is implemented, but you'll need the help plugin. So if you are using the installer, make sure you enable this plugin.

Q: What licence is Code::Blocks released under?

A: GNU General Public License 3 (GPL) with an exception for third party plugins that can be of any license (including closed source) as long as they use only the SDK sources of Code::Blocks.

As an example: If you use the Code::Blocks SDK to develop a plugin, this could be even commercial. When you start using/modifying source code of other parts (i.e. the Code::Blocks core or other GPL3 plugins) the modifications or relevant (affected) parts must be provided as source code, too. However, usually (probably 99.9% of the cases) you'll only need to use the SDK.

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