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Presently Code::Blocks IDE has support not only for C/C++ but for Fortran also. Features of Code::Blocks useful for Fortran:

  • Editor with syntax highlighting for fixed and free Fortran source code
  • Support for GFortran and PGI Fortran compilers. Other Fortran compilers can be added by users too. “Support for compiler” means: (a) the graphical interface for the options of the compiler and (b) catching of compilation errors and warnings and jumping to the corresponding code line
  • During the compilation Code::Blocks cares about the dependencies between Fortran files in the project (it is important when Fortran modules are used)
  • Symbol browser with program units and variables defined in Fortran files
  • Code-completion
  • Call-tips
  • and some more.

Most of the functionality useful for Fortran is implemented through FortranProject plugin. More information about the use of Code::Blocks with Fortran can be found on cbfortran page.

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