Installing Code::Blocks nightly build on Windows

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This article describes how to install a nightly build of Code::Blocks.

NOTE: If you have installed Code::Blocks RC1, RC1-1, or RC2; please either uninstall it or make sure you use a different directory. Do not install the nightly build ontop of these release candidates.

Install steps

  1. Install MinGW and the GDB debugger.
MinGW 5.02 allows to choose the SF mirror while 5.03 does not.
Either installer allows to downloads/installs "previous", "current" and "candidate" mingw packages.
  1. Download and install 7-Zip. You need it to extract the nightly build.
  2. Download the latest nightly build from the Nightly Builds forum.
  3. Download the wxWidgets Unicode DLL for Code::Blocks [1].
  4. Unzip Code::Blocks and the wxWidgets DLL to the same directory.
  5. Start Code::Blocks and configure GNU GCC compiler.


Downloads for one Nightly Install from 2006.08.26:

Note: If you don't install to C:\mingw you have to change the 5 path entries inside code::blocks under settings->compiler and debugger.