Installing Code::Blocks nightly build on Windows

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This article describes how to install a nightly build of Code::Blocks.

NOTE: If you have installed Code::Blocks RC1, RC1-1, or RC2; please either uninstall it or make sure you use a different directory. Do not install the nightly build ontop of these release candidates.

Install steps

  1. Install MinGW and the GDB debugger.
  2. Download and install 7-Zip. You need it to extract the nightly build.
  3. Download the latest nightly build from the Nightly Builds forum.
  4. Download the wxWidgets Unicode DLL for Code::Blocks wxmsw26u_gcc_cb_wx2.6.3p2.7z.
  5. Download the mingw10.dll for Code::Blocks mingwm10.7z.
  6. Unzip Code::Blocks and the wxWidgets DLL to the same directory.
  7. Start Code::Blocks and configure GNU GCC compiler.


Downloads for one Nightly Install from 2006.08.26:

Note: If you don't install to C:\mingw you have to change the 5 path entries inside
Code::Blocks under settings->compiler and debugger.