Installing the latest official version of Code::Blocks on Windows

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NOTE: The current official version is outdated; we recommend using the nightly builds.
Warning: Due to bug discovered in RC2, do not install the SVN plugin if you don't have the SVN versioning system installed or Code::Blocks may crash. If you already installed the plugin by accident, please delete svn.dll from the "share\codeblocks\plugins" subdirectory.

Install steps

  1. Download the Code::Blocks RC2 installer. If you know you don't have MingW installed, download the package which has MinW bundled.
  2. Run the installer, it's a standard installer for Windows; just press Next after reading each screen.
  3. If you're planning installing a compiler after you've installed Code::Blocks, read the information provided in the installer.
  4. If you downloaded installer which doesn't come with MingW, you may have to configure the compiler manually (usually Code::Blocks' autodetects the compiler).