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This article is about how to realize and use localized C:B. All the works have been done under Windows XP SP2.

1. Getting english POT file

The english POT file's url is here:

I will update this file aperiodically. Of course, you can use the tool which I have created (seen belown) to generate the POT file.

The content of the tool which is named as intl.bat is belown:

rem ======= Begin of intl.bat =======

@echo off

wxrc src\resources\*.xrc -g -o src\src-xrc.cpp

wxrc sdk\resources\*.xrc -g -o sdk\sdk-xrc.cpp

wxrc plugins\astyle\resources\*.xrc -g -o plugins\astyle\astyle-xrc.cpp

wxrc plugins\classwizard\resources\*.xrc -g -o plugins\classwizard\classwizard-xrc.cpp

wxrc plugins\codecompletion\resources\*.xrc -g -o plugins\codecompletion\codecompletion-xrc.cpp

wxrc plugins\compilergcc\resources\*.xrc -g -o plugins\compilergcc\compilergcc-xrc.cpp

wxrc plugins\debuggergdb\resources\*.xrc -g -o plugins\debuggergdb\debuggergdb-xrc.cpp

wxrc plugins\defaultmimehandler\resources\*.xrc -g -o plugins\defaultmimehandler\defaultmimehandler-xrc.cpp

wxrc plugins\pluginwizard\resources\*.xrc -g -o plugins\pluginwizard\pluginwizard-xrc.cpp

wxrc plugins\todo\resources\*.xrc -g -o plugins\todo\todo-xrc.cpp if not exist po md po

xgettext -C -n -k_ -o po\codeblocks.pot src\*.cpp src\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot src\wxAUI\*.cpp src\wxAUI\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot sdk\*.cpp sdk\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot sdk\as\bindings\*.cpp sdk\as\bindings\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot sdk\propgrid\src\propgrid\*.cpp sdk\propgrid\include\wx\propgrid\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot sdk\wxFlatNotebook\*.cpp

rem xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot sdk\as\include\*.h

rem xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot sdk\as\source\*.cpp sdk\as\source\*.h

rem xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot sdk\wxscintilla\*.cpp sdk\wxscintilla\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot plugins\codecompletion\*.cpp plugins\codecompletion\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot plugins\codecompletion\parser\*.cpp plugins\codecompletion\parser\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot plugins\astyle\*.cpp plugins\astyle\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot plugins\astyle\astyle\*.cpp plugins\astyle\astyle\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot plugins\classwizard\*.cpp plugins\classwizard\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot plugins\codecompletion\*.cpp plugins\codecompletion\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot plugins\compilergcc\*.cpp plugins\compilergcc\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot plugins\debuggergdb\*.cpp plugins\debuggergdb\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot plugins\defaultmimehandler\*.cpp plugins\defaultmimehandler\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot plugins\pluginwizard\*.cpp plugins\pluginwizard\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot plugins\todo\*.cpp plugins\todo\*.h

xgettext -C -n -k_ -j -o po\codeblocks.pot plugins\xpmanifest\*.cpp plugins\xpmanifest\*.h


rem ======= End of intl.bat =======

2. Getting the translating tool

Usually, we use the tool of poEdit which can be down at

3. Translating in poEdit

Rename codeblocks.pot into codeblocks.po. Using poEdit to open the file codeblocks.po. Remebering to change some settings

like: [File]->[Preferences]->[Personalize]

[Catalog]->[Settings]->[Project info]->[Team/email/Language/Charset]

If your C:B is compiled with UNICODE, the Charset should be setted to utf-8; If C:B is compiled with ANSI, the Charset should be setted to your own language charset like gb2312,koi8-r etc..

After these settings done, you can start the translating. It's a hard working! During the process, of course, you can use your translations an any time.

4. Getting and using mo file

Pressing Ctrl+S in poEdit, you can get a *.mo file like which is needed by we. To use, we just place it into C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks or C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks\share\CodeBlocks\locale\<lang>/LC_MESSAGES or C:\Program Files\CodeBlocks\share\CodeBlocks\locale\<lang>. My language is Chinese and I have installed C:B into E:\, so I place into E:\Program Files\CodeBlocks\share\CodeBlocks\locale\zh_CN.

If wanting to use under Linux or Unix, you just place it into /usr/X11R6/share/locale/<lang>/LC_MESSAGES/. For example, I put it into /usr/X11R6/share/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ under FreeBSD.

Details about Internationalization of wxWidget can be seen from wxWidget's docment.

5. Troubleshooting

If having any questions, you can mail to me: zxpmyth at