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| Auto-complete || CTRL + J / CTRL + Tab
| Auto-complete || CTRL + J / CTRL + Space

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Code::Blocks Shortcut Keys

This is list is not complete. If you know more, please do add them.

Shortcut Keys
Function Shortcut Key
Show/Hide messages pane F2
Swap header/source F11
Duplicate line caret is on CTRL + D
Auto-complete CTRL + J / CTRL + Space
Delete line caret is on CTRL + L
Swap line caret is on with line above it CTRL + T
Close file currently active in editor CTRL + W
Close current open file CTRL + F4
Close all open files CTRL + Shift + F4
Comment highlighted code CTRL + Shift + C
Uncomment highlighted code CTRL + Shift + X
Zoom in/out on editor CTRL + Roll Mouse Wheel
Toggle to next file in editor CTRL + Tab
Toggle to previous file in editor CTRL + Shift + Tab