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- CMake<br>
- CMake<br>
- Code::Blocks<br>
- Code::Blocks<br>
===MinGW GCC Compiler steps===
===MinGW GCC Compiler steps===

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How-to build KiCad with Code::Blocks

(by Stahta01)


- wxWidgets
- zlib
- Boost C++
- CMake
- Code::Blocks

MinGW GCC Compiler steps

install "mingw".

Install zlib.

Install Boost C++ Template Libraries (*.hpp files)

wxWidgets Steps

Install wxWidgets

Build wxWidgets

===Build KiCad using CMake and Code::Blocks Steps

Install the kicad source tree.

Install CMAKE

Install Code::Blocks

Use cmake to build the kicad makefiles.

Use Code::Blocks to build kicad.