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{{Category:Code::Blocks Plugins}}
[[Category:Code::Blocks Plugins]]
{{Category:Code::Blocks Contrib Plugins}}
[[Category:Code::Blocks Contrib Plugins]]
{{Category:Code::Blocks Core Plugins}}
[[Category:Code::Blocks Core Plugins]]
* Name: EditProject
* Name: EditProject
* Author: Killerbot (Lieven de Cock)
* Author: Killerbot (Lieven de Cock)

Revision as of 19:13, 7 July 2006

  • Name: EditProject
  • Author: Killerbot (Lieven de Cock)
  • Purpose: Switch to the matching brace (ctrl-shift-b).
  • Version: 1.00; State: alpha - beta - stable
  • Last update: 17. Dec. 2005
  • Forum thread for discussion: [1]
  • Link for download: [2]
  • Notes: Please have a look in the forum before using this plugin. Any support is welcome. Only for RC1 and RC2 users. Svn head users : it is now core functionality.