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Technically, it does not matter how you name your global user variables. However, if you wish to maximise the benefit of using global user variables, then you better make sure that the same name always means the same thing!

If you call the location of your wxWidgets installation #wx, and two other developers call them #wxwin and #wxwidgets in their projects, then somebody compiling all three projects will be promted three times for the same thing. This is obviously less than optimal.

This list is provided as a guideline and in no way authoritative. However, if you use the names in this list, chances are good that people trying to compile your projects will be a lot happier.

List of "well known" names for global user variables
IDE and compilers
cbLocation of the development version of Code::Blocks.

If you have the sources, this is the dir with the Code::Blocks project file.

If you have the Code::Blocks SDK, this is the dir where you unpacked it.
gccBase directory of your gcc or MinGW installation
msvcBase directory of your MSVC toolkit installation
psdkLocation of the Microsoft platform SDK (base dir)
dmBase directory of your Digital Mars installation
GUI toolkits
wxBase directory of wxWidgets
flBase directory of FLTK
qtBase directory of Qt
Graphics toolkits
sdlBase directory of SDL
ftBase directory of freetype
ogreBase directory of Ogre 3D
g3dBase directory of Graphics 3D
genesisBase directory of Genesis 3D
csBase directory of Crystal Space
irrBase directory of Irrlicht
dxBase directory of Direct/X SDK
Other packages
openalBase directory of OpenAL
zlibBase directory of zlib