Scripting commands

From Code::Blocks

Scripting is no good if all you can do is use the scripting language's built-in commands only. The host application (Code::Blocks) needs to expose parts of its internals to scripts, so scripts can use and control the host.

Code::Blocks has exposed a very large chunk of its SDK to scripts. This makes scripting in Code::Blocks nearly as powerful as native code (C++).

In this page all the exported constants, functions and classes are documented as a quick reference. For detailed documentation on each function/class, refer to the Code::Blocks SDK documentation.

NOTE: Please remember that Squirrel is typeless. Data types mentioned below are only used for documentation purposes.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that if a function has default parameters in C++ (which can be ommitted), you still have to type them for scripts (for e.g. exposed wxWidgets functionality). This means you *have* to use e.g. wxFileName.GetFullPath(wxPATH_NATIVE) instead of e.g only wxFileName.GetFullPath().

NOTE: Updated to 12.11

Application object

The application object is accessed through the variable named App. Currently it has no bound functions...

Global functions

Return value Name Arguments Remarks
void Log wxString logs to the application log
void LogDebug wxString logs to the debug log
void LogWarning wxString logs a warning
void LogError wxString logs an error
int Message wxString,wxString,int arg1=msg, arg2=caption, arg3=buttons; see API docs for cbMessageBox()
void ShowMessage wxString
void ShowWarning wxString
void ShowError wxString
void ShowInfo wxString
wxString ReplaceMacros wxString Does variable expansion on the input wxString
ScriptingManager* GetScriptingManager
ProjectManager* GetProjectManager
EditorManager* GetEditorManager
ConfigManager* GetConfigManager
UserVariableManager* GetUserVariableManager
CompilerFactory* GetCompilerFactory
wxArrayString GetArrayFromString wxString,wxString,bool
wxString GetStringFromArray wxArrayString,wxString,bool
wxString EscapeSpaces wxString
wxString UnixFilename wxString, int arg1=filename, arg2=wxPATH_NATIVE, wxPATH_WIN, ...
FileType FileTypeOf wxString
wxString URLEncode wxString
void NotifyMissingFile wxString
int GetPlatformsFromString wxString
wxString GetStringFromPlatforms int,bool
void InfoWindow wxString,wxString,int,int pop-up box in the lower right, see infowindow.h
wxString GetFolder int see API docs for ConfigManager::GetFolder()
wxString LocateDataFile wxString, int see API docs for ConfigManager::LocateDataFile()
bool InstallPlugin wxString,bool, bool Install a binary plugin
int ExecuteToolPlugin wxString Execute a tool plugin (found in Plugins menu)
int ConfigureToolPlugin wxString Configure a tool plugin (found in Plugins menu)
void CallMenu wxString Call a menu entry describing its path using slashes (e.g. "/Valgrind/Run Valgrind::MemCheck")
void Include wxString similar to C/C++ #include "name"
int Require wxString arg=script_filename, return 0 if ok
bool IsNull void*
bool wxLaunchDefaultBrowser wxString
wxColour wxGetColourFromUser [wxColour]
long wxGetNumberFromUser wxString,wxString,wxString
wxString wxGetPasswordFromUser wxString,wxString,wxString
wxString wxGetTextFromUser wxString,wxString,wxString
long wxString_ToLong wxString const


Return value Name Arguments Remarks
bool RegisterScriptMenu wxString, wxString registers the script file (arg1) under a menu item (arg2).

e.g. GetScriptingManager().RegisterScriptMenu(_T("sample.script"), _T("Scripts/Sample script"));

Notes about the RegisterScriptMenu function:

  • The second argument (menu item) is a string containing the full menu path to create the menu item. The path separator is a slash (/). For example, the string "Settings/Sample menu/Sample item" would create the menu path "Settings->Sample menu->Sample item".
  • When each part of the path is evaluated, it is checked whether it starts with a number followed by a colon (:). If so then this is considered to be a menu index in the parent menu and the menu is inserted at that index instead of being appended to the menu. The number and colon are removed from the string.
  • If the menu item starts with a dash (-), then a separator line is prepended in the menu before the menu item (e.g. "Scripts/-Sample script").
  • For your convenience, all menu items created using this function have one extra functionality: if you keep the SHIFT key pressed while clicking on any of these "script menu items", instead of running the attached script, Code::Blocks will open it in the editor for you to view/edit :).
  • Have a look at the startup script example.


Return value Name Arguments Remarks
int Read const wxString, int arg1=key, arg2=default_val
bool Read const wxString, bool arg1=key, arg2=default_val
float Read const wxString, float arg1=key, arg2=default_val
wxString Read const wxString, const wxString arg1=key, arg2=default_val
void Write const wxString, int arg1=key, arg2=value
void Write const wxString, bool arg1=key, arg2=value
void Write const wxString, float arg1=key, arg2=value
void Write const wxString, const wxString, bool arg1=key, arg2=value, arg3=ignore_value_empty


see API docs for 'ProjectManager::...' in 'include\projectmanager.h'

Return value Name Arguments in Prototype Remarks
wxString GetDefaultPath ( )
void SetDefaultPath (const wxString& path)
cbProject* GetActiveProject ( )
int GetProjectCount ( )
cbProject* GetProject (int)
void SetProject (cbProject* project, bool refresh = true)
bool LoadWorkspace (const wxString& filename = DEFAULT_WORKSPACE)
bool SaveWorkspace ( )
bool SaveWorkspaceAs (const wxString& filename)
bool CloseWorkspace ( )
cbProject* IsOpen (const wxString& filename)
cbProject* LoadProject (const wxString& filename, bool activateIt = true)
bool SaveProject (cbProject* project)
bool SaveProjectAs (cbProject* project)
bool SaveActiveProject ( )
bool SaveActiveProjectAs ( )
bool SaveAllProjects ( )
bool CloseProject (cbProject* project, bool dontsave = false, bool refresh = true)
bool CloseActiveProject (bool dontsave = false)
bool CloseAllProjects (bool dontsave = false)
cbProject* NewProject (const wxString& filename = wxEmptyString)
int AddFileToProject (const wxString& filename, cbProject* project = 0L, int target = -1)
int AskForBuildTargetIndex (cbProject* project = 0L)
void RebuildTree ( )
bool AddProjectDependency (cbProject* base, cbProject* dependsOn)
void RemoveProjectDependency (cbProject* base, cbProject* doesNotDependOn)
void ClearProjectDependencies (cbProject* base)
void RemoveProjectFromAllDependencies (cbProject* base)
ProjectsArray* GetDependenciesForProject (cbProject* base)
void ConfigureProjectDependencies (cbProject* base = 0)


Return value Name Arguments in Prototype Remarks
void Configure ( )
cbEditor* New (const wxString& newFileName = wxEmptyString)
cbEditor* Open (const wxString& filename)
cbEditor* IsBuiltinOpen (const wxString& filename)
cbEditor* GetBuiltinEditor (int index)
cbEditor* GetBuiltinActiveEditor ( )
EditorBase* GetActiveEditor ( )
void ActivateNext ( )
void ActivatePrevious ( )
bool SwapActiveHeaderSource ( )
bool CloseActive (bool dontsave = false)
bool Close (int index,bool dontsave = false),(EditorBase* editor,bool dontsave = false)
bool CloseAll (bool dontsave=false)
bool Save (int index)
bool SaveActive ( )
bool SaveAs (int index)
bool SaveActiveAs ( )
bool SaveAll ( )
int ShowFindDialog (bool replace, bool explicitly_find_in_files = false)


Return value Name Arguments in Prototype Remarks
bool Exists (const wxString& variable)

IO namespace

Return value Name Arguments in Prototype Remarks
bool DirectoryExists (const wxString& dir)
wxString SelectDirectory (const wxString& message, const wxString& initialPath, bool showCreateDirButton)
bool CreateDirectory (const wxString& full_path, int perms) arg1=dir, arg2=permissions
bool RemoveDirectory (const wxString& src)
bool CopyFile (const wxString& src, const wxString& dst, bool overwrite) src,dest,overwrite
bool RenameFile (const wxString& src, const wxString& dst) old,new
bool RemoveFile (const wxString& src)
bool FileExists (const wxString& file)
wxString SelectFile (const wxString& title, const wxString& defaultFile, const wxString& filter)
wxString ReadFileContents (const wxString& filename)
bool WriteFileContents (const wxString& filename, const wxString& contents) filename,contents
int Execute (const wxString& command)
wxString ExecuteAndGetOutput (const wxString& command)
wxString ExecuteAndGetOutputAndError (const wxString& command, bool prepend_error) if 'prepend_error' is true gives an error string
wxString GetCwd ( )
void SetCwd (const wxString& dir) directory (currently working directory)

Notes: The namespaces are accesses by prepending it's name (e.g. "IO.") to the scripting function, e.g. "IO.DirectoryExists(...)". "::" is only used when declaring the members of the namespace. The functions in bold are going through the scripts security layer so there is no guarantee calling them will succeed. You should always examine the return value... There exists one constant too, named allowInsecureScripts, which allow you to test whether Code::Blocks was compiled with the functions going through the security layer.


Return value Name Arguments in Prototype Remarks
bool IsValidCompilerID (const wxString& id)
int GetCompilerIndex (const wxString& id)
wxString GetDefaultCompilerID ( )
wxString GetCompilerVersionString (const wxString& Id)
bool CompilerInheritsFrom ( )


Return value Name Arguments Remarks
wxString _T const char* basically this is the wxString constructor
wxString _ const char* the same as _T, but should be used for translatable strings
wxString operator= const wxString
wxString operator+ const wxString
wxString operator+ const int
wxString operator+= const wxString
wxString operator+= const int
bool operator< const wxString _T("abc") < _T("cba") -> true
bool operator<= const wxString
bool operator>= const wxString
bool operator> const wxString
int Find wxString -1 if not found
bool Matches wxString not use '==' !!, returns true if the string contents matches a mask containing '*' and '?'
void AddChar char
char GetChar int arg1=position
bool IsEmpty
int Length
int length same as Length()
int len same as Length()
int size same as Length()
wxString Lower
wxString LowerCase same as Lower()
void MakeLower
wxString Upper
wxString UpperCase same as Upper()
void MakeUpper
wxString Mid int, int arg1=position, arg2=long
wxString Remove int, int arg1=position, arg2=long
void RemoveLast int remove the last characters
int Replace wxString, wxString,bool arg3=true -> all occurrences else the first
wxString Right int x return the x last characters
wxString AfterFirst char not found -> _T("")
wxString AfterLast char not found -> all the character string
wxString BeforeFirst char not found -> all the character string
wxString BeforeLast char not found -> _T("")

NOTE: Is instantiated in a script using: local my_wxstring = ::wxString();


Return value Name Arguments Remarks
void Add wxString, size_t arg1=string, arg2=number of copies to add
void Clear
int GetCount
int Index wxString -1 If not found
wxString Item int not work with wx 2.9.x ?!

NOTE: Is instantiated in a script using: local my_wxarraystring = ::wxArrayString();


Return value Name Arguments Remarks
byte Red
byte Green
byte Blue
bool IsOk ONLY if (wxVERSION_NUMBER < 2900)
void Set byte, byte, byte, byte red, green, blue, alpha : into [0..255]

NOTE: Is instantiated in a script using: local my_wxcolour = ::wxColour();

EXAMPLE: local my_wxcolour = ::wxColour(); my_wxcolour.Set(0xFF, 0x00, 0x00, 0x55); ::print(my_wxcolour) -> [r=255, g=0, b=0]



Return value Name Arguments Remarks
void Assign const wxFileName creates the file name from an other wxFileName
void Assign const wxString, wxPathFormat arg1=full_path, arg2=wformat=xPATH_NATIVE ...
void AssignCwd const wxString arg1=volume
void AssignDir const wxString, wxPathFormat arg1=name_dir, arg2=format=wxPATH_NATIVE ...
void AssignHomeDir sets this file name object to the home directory
void Clear reset all components to default, uninitialized state
void ClearExt removes the extension from the file name resulting in a file name with no trailing dot
int GetDirCount returns the number of directories in the file name.
wxArrayString GetDirs returns the directories in string array form
wxString GetExt returns the file name extension.
wxString GetFullName returns the full name (including extension but excluding directories).
wxString GetFullPath wxPathFormat arg=format=wxPATH_NATIVE ...
wxString GetLongPath return the long form of the path (returns identity on non-Windows platforms)
wxString GetName returns the name part of the filename (without extension)
wxString GetPath int, wxPathFormat arg1=flags=wxPATH_GET_VOLUME..., arg2=format=wxPATH_NATIVE ...
wxString GetShortPath return the short form of the path (returns identity on non-Windows platforms).
wxString GetVolume returns the string containing the volume for this file name
bool HasExt returns true if an extension is present.
bool HasName returns true if a name is present
bool HasVolume returns true if a volume specifier is present
void InsertDir int, const wxString arg1=before_dir, arg2=name_dir
bool IsAbsolute wxPathFormat arg=format=wxPATH_NATIVE...
bool IsOk returns true if the filename is valid
bool IsRelative wxPathFormat arg=format=wxPATH_NATIVE...
bool IsDir returns true if this object represents a directory
bool MakeAbsolute const wxString, wxPathFormat arg1=cwd=_T("") or ..., arg2=format=wxPATH_NATIVE or ...
bool MakeRelativeTo const wxString, wxPathFormat arg1=path_base, arg2=format=wxPATH_NATIVE or ...
bool Normalize int, const wxString, wxPathFormat arg1=flags=wxPATH_NORM_ALL, arg2=cwd=_T(""),arg3=format=wxPATH_NATIVE or ...
void PrependDir const wxString arg=dir
void RemoveDir int arg=pos RemoveLastDir
void RemoveLastDir removes last directory component from the path
bool SameAs const wxFileName, wxPathFormat arg1=filepath, arg2=format=wxPATH_NATIVE
bool SetCwd changes the current working directory
void SetExt const wxString arg=extension
void SetEmptyExt sets the extension of the file name to be an empty extension
void SetFullName wxString
void SetName wxString
void SetVolume wxString

NOTE: Is instantiated in a script using: local my_filename = ::wxFileName()



Instantiate integer points 2D

Return value Name Arguments Remarks
wxPoint operator= const wxPoint default assignment operator is ok
bool operator== const wxPoint
bool operator!= const wxPoint
int x
int y

NOTE: Is instantiated in a script using: local my_wxpoint = ::wxPoint();

EXAMPLE: local my_wxpoint = ::wxPoint(); my_wxpoint.x = 5; my_wxpoint.y = 12; // not use ::print(my_wxpoint)



Instantiate integers values (X, Y)

Return value Name Arguments Remarks
wxSize operator= const wwSize default assignment operator is ok
bool operator== const wxSize
bool operator!= const wxSize
int GetWidth return X
int GetHeight return Y
void SetWidth int w X=w
void SetHeight int h Y=h
void Set int w, int h X=w, Y=h

NOTE: Is instantiated in a script using: local my_wxsize = ::wxSize();

EXAMPLE: local my_wxsize = ::wxSize(); my_wxsize.SetWidth(5); my_wxsize.SetHeight(12); // not use ::print(my_wxsize)


Return value Name Arguments in Prototype Remarks
void AddBuildTarget (const wxString& targetName)
void RenameBuildTarget (const wxString& oldTargetName, const wxString& newTargetName)
void RemoveBuildTarget (const wxString& targetName)
wxString GetBaseName ( )
wxString GetObjName ( )
void SetObjName (const wxString& targetName)
cbProject* GetParentProject ( )
wxString GetCustomBuildCommand (const wxString& compilerId)
void SetCustomBuildCommand (const wxString& compilerId, const wxString& newBuildCommand)
bool GetUseCustomBuildCommand (const wxString& compilerId)
void SetUseCustomBuildCommand (const wxString& compilerId, bool useCustomBuildCommand)
wxFileName file (variable)
wxString relativeFilename (variable)
wxString relativeToCommonTopLevelPath (variable)
bool compile (variable)
bool link (variable)
int weight (variable)
wxString compilerVar (variable)
wxArrayString buildTargets (variable)
const wxArrayString & GetbuildTargets () const r9252 : for use instead of the variable


Return value Name Arguments in Prototype Remarks
void AddPlatform (int platform) windows,unix,mac
void RemovePlatform (int platform)
void SetPlatforms (int platform)
int GetPlatforms
bool SupportsCurrentPlatform
void SetLinkerOptions (const wxArrayString& linkerOpts)
void SetLinkLibs (const wxArrayString& linkLibs)
void SetCompilerOptions (const wxArrayString& compilerOpts)
void SetIncludeDirs (const wxArrayString& includeDirs)
void SetResourceIncludeDirs (const wxString& option)
void SetLibDirs (const wxArrayString& libDirs)
void SetCommandsBeforeBuild (const wxArrayString& commands)
void SetCommandsAfterBuild (const wxArrayString& commands)
wxArrayString GetLinkerOptions
wxArrayString GetLinkLibs
wxArrayString GetCompilerOptions
wxArrayString GetIncludeDirs
wxArrayString GetResourceIncludeDirs
wxArrayString GetLibDirs
wxArrayString GetCommandsBeforeBuild
wxArrayString GetCommandsAfterBuild
bool GetModified
void SetModified (bool modified)
void AddLinkerOption (const wxString& option)
void AddLinkLib (const wxString& lib)
void AddCompilerOption (const wxString& option)
void AddIncludeDir (const wxString& option)
void AddResourceIncludeDir (const wxString& option)
void AddLibDir (const wxString& option)
void AddCommandsBeforeBuild (const wxString& command)
void AddCommandsAfterBuild (const wxString& command)
void RemoveLinkerOption (const wxString& option)
void RemoveLinkLib (const wxString& lib)
void RemoveCompilerOption (const wxString& option)
void RemoveIncludeDir (const wxString& option)
void RemoveResourceIncludeDir (const wxString& option)
void RemoveLibDir (const wxString& option)
void RemoveCommandsBeforeBuild (const wxString& command)
void RemoveCommandsAfterBuild (const wxString& command)
bool GetAlwaysRunPostBuildSteps
void SetAlwaysRunPostBuildSteps (bool always)
void SetBuildScripts (const wxArrayString& scripts)
wxArrayString GetBuildScripts
void AddBuildScript (const wxString& script)
void RemoveBuildScript (const wxString& script)
bool SetVar (const wxString& key, const wxString& value, bool onlyIfExists = false)
wxString GetVar (const wxString& key)
bool UnsetVar (const wxString& key)
void UnsetAllVars ( )


Extends CompileOptionsBase.

Return value Name Arguments Remarks
void SetTargetFilenameGenerationPolicy enum prefix, enum extension tgfpPlatformDefault -> Generate filename based on running platform defaults. tgfpNone -> No automatic generation; let the user specify the full filename.
wxString GetFilename
wxString GetTitle
void SetTitle wxString
void SetOutputFilename wxString
void SetWorkingDir wxString
void SetObjectOutput wxString
void SetDepsOutput wxString
OptionsRelation GetOptionRelation OptionsRelationType
void SetOptionRelation OptionsRelationType,OptionsRelation
wxString GetWorkingDir
wxString GetObjectOutput
wxString GetDepsOutput
wxString GetOutputFilename
wxString SuggestOutputFilename
wxString GetExecutableFilename
wxString GetDynamicLibFilename
wxString GetDynamicLibDefFilename
wxString GetStaticLibFilename
wxString GetBasePath
void SetTargetType TargetType
TargetType GetTargetType
wxString GetExecutionParameters
void SetExecutionParameters wxString
wxString GetHostApplication
void SetHostApplication wxString
void SetCompilerID wxString
wxString GetCompilerID
wxString GetMakeCommandFor enum
void SetMakeCommandFor enum,wxString
bool MakeCommandsModified


Extends CompileTargetBase.

Return value Name Arguments Remarks
cbProject* GetParentProject
wxString GetFullTitle
wxString GetExternalDeps
void SetExternalDeps wxString
void SetAdditionalOutputFiles wxString
wxString GetAdditionalOutputFiles
bool GetIncludeInTargetAll
void SetIncludeInTargetAll bool
bool GetCreateDefFile
void SetCreateDefFile bool
bool GetCreateStaticLib
void SetCreateStaticLib bool
bool GetUseConsoleRunner
void SetUseConsoleRunner bool
ProjectFile* GetFile int returns a file from the target
int GetFilesCount returns number of files of target


Extends CompileTargetBase.

Return value Name Arguments Remarks
bool GetModified
void SetModified bool
wxString GetMakefile
void SetMakefile wxString
bool IsMakefileCustom
void SetMakefileCustom bool
bool CloseAllFiles bool
bool SaveAllFiles
bool Save
bool SaveLayout
bool LoadLayout
bool ShowOptions Display the project options dialog
wxString GetCommonTopLevelPath
int GetFilesCount Returns number of files in the project
ProjectFile* GetFile int
ProjectFile* GetFileByFilename wxString,bool,bool name, is relative, is Unixfilename
bool RemoveFile ProjectFile *
ProjectFile* AddFile wxString wxString, wxString, bool, bool, int See API docs for cbProject::AddFile
ProjectFile* AddFile wxString int, wxString, bool, bool, int See API docs for cbProject::AddFile
int GetBuildTargetsCount number targets
ProjectBuildTarget* GetBuildTarget int target index
ProjectBuildTarget* GetBuildTarget wxString target name
ProjectBuildTarget* AddBuildTarget wxString target name
bool RenameBuildTarget int, wxString target index, new name
bool RenameBuildTarget wxString, wxString old name, new name
ProjectBuildTarget* DuplicateBuildTarget int, wxString index, new name
ProjectBuildTarget* DuplicateBuildTarget wxString, wxString target name, new name
bool RemoveBuildTarget int index
bool RemoveBuildTarget wxString target name
bool ExportTargetAsProject int target index
bool ExportTargetAsProject wxString target name
bool BuildTargetValid bool
wxString GetFirstValidBuildTargetName bool
void SetDefaultExecuteTarget wxString
wxString GetDefaultExecuteTarget wxString
bool SetActiveBuildTarget wxString
wxString GetActiveBuildTarget
int SelectTarget int,bool
ProjectBuildTarget* GetCurrentlyCompilingTarget
void SetCurrentlyCompilingTarget ProjectBuildTarget*
PCHMode GetModeForPCH
void SetModeForPCH PCHMode
void SetExtendedObjectNamesGeneration bool
bool GetExtendedObjectNamesGeneration
void SetNotes wxString
wxString GetNotes
void SetShowNotesOnLoad bool
bool GetShowNotesOnLoad
void ShowNotes bool,bool
void AddToExtensions wxString
bool DefineVirtualBuildTarget wxString,wxArrayString arg1=alias virtual target, arg2= array targets
bool HasVirtualBuildTarget wxSring arg=alias virtual target
bool RemoveVirtualBuildTarget wxString arg=alias virtual target, return true if removed
wxArrayString GetVirtualBuildTargets Get a list of all defined virtual build targets.
wxArrayString GetVirtualBuildTargetGroup wxString arg=alias, Access a virtual build target's group of build targets.
wxArrayString GetExpandedVirtualBuildTargetGroup wxString arg=alias, Access a virtual build target's expanded group of build targets.
bool CanAddToVirtualBuildTarget wxSring,wxString arg1=alias, arg2=name target to add,

Checks if a build target (virtual or real) can be added to a virtual build target, without causing a circular-reference.

void SetTitle wxSring


Return value Name Arguments Remarks
wxString GetFilename
void SetFilename wxString
wxString GetShortName
bool GetModified
void SetModified bool
wxString GetTitle
void SetTitle wxString
void Activate
bool Close
bool Save
bool IsBuiltinEditor
bool ThereAreOthers
void GotoLine int,bool
void ToggleBreakpoint int,bool
bool HasBreakpoint int
void GotoNextBreakpoint
void GotoPreviousBreakpoint
void ToggleBookmark int,bool
bool HasBookmark int
void GotoNextBookmark
void GotoPreviousBookmark
void Undo
void Redo
void Cut
void Copy
void Paste
bool CanUndo
bool CanRedo
bool CanPaste
bool HasSelection


Extends EditorBase.

Return value Name Arguments Remarks
void SetEditorTitle wxString
ProjectFile* GetProjectFile
bool Save
bool SaveAs
void FoldAll
void UnfoldAll
void ToggleAllFolds
void FoldBlockFromLine int
void UnfoldBlockFromLine int
void ToggleFoldBlockFromLine int
int GetLineIndentInSpaces int
wxString GetLineIndentString int
void Touch
bool Reload bool
void Print bool,PrintColourMode,bool
void AutoComplete
bool AddBreakpoint int,bool
bool RemoveBreakpoint int,bool
void SetText wxString this is not present in cbEditor; included to help scripts edit text
wxString GetText this is not present in cbEditor; included to help scripts edit text


Constant Type Remarks
PLATFORM int this defines the platform Code::Blocks is currently running on. It is equal to only one of the following PLATFORM_* constants
PLATFORM_MSW int All Windows platforms
PLATFORM_GTK int All GTK platforms (Linux, BSD, Solaris, Darwin, etc.)
PLATFORM_MAC int All Mac platforms
PLATFORM_OS2 int OS/2 platform
PLATFORM_X11 int All X11 platforms
PLATFORM_UNKNOWN int Unknown platform. Please inform us if PLATFORM == PLATFORM_UNKNOWN so we can make this platform known too ;)
Plugin version
PLUGIN_SDK_VERSION_MAJOR int =1, it will change when the SDK interface breaks
PLUGIN_SDK_VERSION_MINOR int =13, it will change when the SDK interface breaks
PLUGIN_SDK_VERSION_RELEASE int =13, it will change when the SDK interface breaks
Path separator for filenames
wxFILE_SEP_PATH wxString Path separator. "\" for windows, "/" for all other platforms
Message dialog flags
wxOK int Flag for Message() 's third argument (flags).
wxYES_NO int -"-
wxCANCEL int -"-
wxICON_WARNING int -"-
wxICON_ERROR int -"-
Message dialog return values
wxID_OK int
wxID_YES int
wxID_NO int
enum wxPathFormat
wxPATH_UNIX enum
wxPATH_BEOS enum
wxPATH_MAC enum
wxPATH_DOS enum
wxPATH_WIN enum
wxPATH_OS2 enum
wxPATH_VM3 enum
For wxFileName::GetPath()
wxPATH_GET_VOLUME enum include the volume if applicable
wxPATH_GET_SEPARATOR enum terminate the path with the separator
enum wxPathNormalize
wxPATH_NORM_ENV_VARS enum replace env vars with their values
wxPATH_NORM_DOTS enum squeeze all .. and . and prepend cwd
wxPATH_NORM_TILDE enum Unix only: replace ~ and ~user
wxPATH_NORM_CASE enum if case insensitive => tolower
wxPATH_NORM_ABSOLUTE enum make the path absolute
wxPATH_NORM_LONG enum make the path the long form
wxPATH_NORM_SHORTCUT enum resolve the shortcut, if it is a shortcut
wxPATH_NORM_ALL enum = 0x00ff & ~wxPATH_NORM_CASE
enum OptionsRelationType
ortCompilerOptions enum
ortLinkerOptions enum
ortIncludeDirs enum
ortLibDirs enum
ortResDirs enum
enum OptionsRelation
orUseParentOptionsOnly enum
orUseTargetOptionsOnly enum
orPrependToParentOptions enum
orAppendToParentOptions enum
enum TargetType
ttExecutable enum
ttConsoleOnly enum
ttStaticLib enum
ttDynamicLib enum
ttCommandsOnly enum
enum MakeCommand
mcClean enum
mcDistClean enum
mcBuild enum
mcCompileFile enum
mcAskRebuildNeeded enum
mcSilentBuild enum
enum PCHMode
pchSourceDir enum
pchObjectDir enum
pchSourceFile enum
enum PrintScope
psSelection enum
psActiveEditor enum
psAllOpenEditors enum
enum PrintColourMode
pcmBlackAndWhite enum
pcmColourOnWhite enum
pcmInvertColours enum
pcmAsIs enum
enum TemplateOutputType
wizProject enum TemplateOutputType::totProject
wizTarget enum TemplateOutputType::totTarget
wizFiles enum TemplateOutputType::totFiles
wizCustom enum TemplateOutputType::totCustom
enum SearchDirs
sdHome enum User's home directory
sdBase enum Code::Blocks' installation base
sdTemp enum System-wide temp folder
sdPath enum All dirs in the PATH environment variable
sdConfig enum Config folder
sdCurrent enum Current working folder
sdPluginsUser enum Plugins folder in user's dir
sdScriptsUser enum Scripts folder in user's dir
sdDataUser enum Data folder in user's dir
sdAllUser enum Convenience value meaning "all sd*User values"
sdPluginsGlobal enum Plugins folder in base dir
sdScriptsGlobal enum Scripts folder in base dir
sdDataGlobal enum Data folder in base dir
sdAllGlobal enum Convenience value meaning "all sd*Global values"
sdAllKnown enum All known dirs (i.e. all of the above)
spMac enum
spUnix enum
spWindows enum
spAll enum
tgfpPlatformDefault enum Generate filename based on running platform defaults.
tgfpNone enum No automatic generation; let the user specify the full filename
mtProjectManager enum
mtEditorManager enum
mtLogManager enum
mtOpenFilesList enum
mtEditorTab enum
mtUnknown enum
ftdkUndefined enum
ftdkProject enum
ftdkFolder enum
ftdkFile enum
ftdkVirtualGroup enum
ftdkVirtualFolder enum
File extensions (e.g. "cbp")
EXT_MSVC6 wxString
EXT_MSVC7 wxString
EXT_MSVC10 wxString
EXT_ASM wxString
EXT_D wxString
EXT_F wxString
EXT_F77 wxString
EXT_F90 wxString
EXT_F95 wxString
EXT_FOR wxString
EXT_FPP wxString
EXT_F03 wxString
EXT_F08 wxString
EXT_JAVA wxString
EXT_C wxString
EXT_CC wxString
EXT_CPP wxString
EXT_CXX wxString
EXT_CPLPL wxString
EXT_INL wxString
EXT_H wxString
EXT_HH wxString
EXT_HPP wxString
EXT_HXX wxString
EXT_HPLPL wxString
EXT_S wxString
EXT_SS wxString
EXT_S62 wxString
EXT_XML wxString
File extensions with leading dot (e.g. ".cbp")
DOT_EXT_MSVC6 wxString
DOT_EXT_MSVC7 wxString
DOT_EXT_MSVC10 wxString
DOT_EXT_D wxString
DOT_EXT_F wxString
DOT_EXT_F77 wxString
DOT_EXT_F90 wxString
DOT_EXT_F95 wxString
DOT_EXT_FOR wxString
DOT_EXT_FPP wxString
DOT_EXT_F03 wxString
DOT_EXT_F08 wxString
DOT_EXT_C wxString
DOT_EXT_CC wxString
DOT_EXT_CPP wxString
DOT_EXT_CXX wxString
DOT_EXT_HPP wxString
DOT_EXT_H wxString
DOT_EXT_HH wxString
DOT_EXT_HPP wxString
DOT_EXT_HXX wxString
DOT_EXT_S wxString
DOT_EXT_SS wxString
DOT_EXT_S62 wxString
DOT_EXT_XML wxString

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