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Here are my suggestions on modifying this wiki page.

  1. user manual links should be moved to user page at User_documentation.
  2. we should add some link to teach beginners how to build codeblocks from source such as: Installing Code::Blocks from source on Windows, also for another plat-forms.
  3. some page like A short overview about Code::Blocks architecture and Code::Blocks SDK events were not be updated for more then several years, they may be update to fit the current SVN source.
  4. Though I have update some page like Creating a simple "Hello World" plugin, but it's not enough, more and more people should be encouraged to enrich the wiki page, especially when they solved some problem in forms.
  5. I have just solved the problem of viewing the SDK CHM files with the help of MortenMacFly, see Can't View SDK CHM file. But I'm not sure where to place these knowledge.

Ollydbg 17:00, 6 January 2009 (CET)