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just a suggestion, but you may want to enable posting only by users of the wiki in order to save your front page, judging by the number of reverts due to spam it has.

Done. mandrav took care of it. :D

Next suggestion: under "Downloads and Installation", this main page says, "Nightly Cookbook - How to install a nightly build". But when I click on "Nightly Cookbook", I find instructions for collecting tools to _create_ a nightly build. I see nothing about how to install a nightly build downloaded from the forum.

Now I realize that 'killerbot' is not finished with the page, but in the meantime, can we call a spade a spade? Please list it as "How to Create a Nightly Build", not as "How to _install_ one".

Finally, may I suggest making a separate, but clearly related link on how to install one. After all, many users will surely want to install a nightly build, but surely only a few will need to make one.