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Just a short note about me

I'm a professional programmer who can't stop when he gets home. I've been working in different IT jobs over the last 10 years, mostly in industrial and off shore automation.

When I code at home it is mostly little tools for my own use, but sometimes I help with a few minor tweaks or some testing for programs I use. Having stumbled on C::B, it seems like there is something I can help with and I can also enjoy.

If there is need somewhere within the project, just drop me a note. At the moment I'm still learning about C::B and am looking at the current thread on the forum about version control. Might jump in and help out in that department, as it is a rather important to have a good version control interface if you want to work on projects with a lot of people.

I'm also busy writing a client for musicpd, as I use it to play my music and there are no nice clients on the MSW platform for it. I just started the client, but have decided to ditch my old IDE and compiler. So I started porting it to C::B and wxWidgets and I might even try to build it on a freebsd box, just for fun.