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Official user document

The Official Code::Blocks user document can be found here.

Articles for Code::Blocks users

Installing Code::Blocks

How to install Code::Blocks (from binary or source).

Creating a new project

How to get started with project setup and management.

Keyboard Shortcuts

List of keyboard shortcuts that can be used in Code::Blocks.


Customize the Code::Blocks user interface for different workflows.

Basic Tutorial

Information useful to make sense of Code::Blocks' settings (for newer users).

Command line arguments

List of command-line arguments that can be used with Code::Blocks.

Code::Blocks Plugins

List of plugins that come with Code::Blocks.

User-defined tools

Integrate external programs into Code::Blocks.

The build process of Code::Blocks

Information about how Code::Blocks actually builds your source code.

Scripting Code::Blocks

Information about scripting Code::Blocks with Squirrel.

wxSmith tutorials

Information about how to use wxSmith RAD editor

Building an Non-Unicode Win32 Code::Blocks

Information about how to modify the Code::Blocks project files for an Non-Unicode build of Code::Blocks.

Code::Blocks and Makefiles

Using makefiles with CB is not normally necessary (CB does this automatically) but if you have some compelling reason to use one - here's how.

Variable expansion

CB can use dynamic variables, that get replaced automatically, on various places, like in the build options or the post and pre build steps

Manipulating multiple projects at the same time

To manipulate options of multiple projects at the same time you can use a contributed plugin named Project options manipulator


Miscellaneous things related to the user development experience. This is a catch all place.

Application development


User interface development

Third-party libraries

Third-party Applications