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Editor Improvements

Resize editor window

A double click on a tab of an opened file should enlarge the editor window, and put the Log & Others and the management panel (F2 and Alt+F2) in the background. If you double click again on the tab, the window will be resized to the original size and the panels are visible again.

Icons in the Management window

If you want to switch the different views in the management window you have to scroll, the tabs (projects, symbols, Files etc.). It would be easier for the user to have different icons like ( in the margin to switch between the views. If you select e.g. the project icon then the project view will appear. Clicking again on the same icon will collapse the project view.

Save copy as

Sometimes user want to make a backup of files or want to save a copy at a different location. Therefore a menu save copy as could be useful.

Clipboard History

Editors like vi or Jedit offer clipboards for copy and paste. The user can select in which register is put the content of the clipboard and can paste the content of one of the buffer/register.

Search Dialog

The Thread Search dialogue should be added to the normal search dialogue.

Scope for Search

The search dialog should offer a filter for the search scope: Function, Class etc.

Window docking

Docking/Undocking of windows in CB with split view (See patch of dmoore for detaching CB windows).

Incremental Search

The search for a word will be highlighted within the text. All occurences should be highlighted.

Show value of defines

For embedded developing often defines are used for bit masks. So it would be helpful if the user puts the cursor over a define and CB will hover the value of the define.

Wrap Mode

If a text is wrapped in several lines (wrap mode) and the cursor is between these lines, then the Home-key will put the cursor in beginning of the first line instead of the start of the current line. This behaviour should be changed.

Convert Tab to spaces and vice versa

If you mark a text in the editor and select the context menu, then tabs will converted to spaces within the selection.