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This page shows list of wxSmith extensions. Note that this list doesn't show only those extensions which are currently available in wxSmith. It shows extensions which are yet working, which are worked on, and which can be worked on. If you would like to contribute to Code::Blocks by adding some item into wxSmith, feel free to assign item to yourself and notify about your current progress. You can also add new item which is not on this list yet.

When your item is finished, please send me (byo) private message on forum.

Extra widgets

Widget Assigned to Available In Code::Blocks Work Progress Widget's homepage
wxChartCtrl Byo Yes 80% wxChart
awxButton none No 0% AWX
awxCheckButton none No 0% AWX
awxRadioButton none No 0% AWX
awxSeparator none No 0% AWX
awxLed none No 0% AWX
kwxAngularMeter none No 0% kwxIndustrialIndicators
kwxLinearMeter none No 0% kwxIndustrialIndicators
kwxBmpSwitcher none No 0% kwxIndustrialIndicators
kwxLCDDisplay none No 0% kwxIndustrialIndicators
kwxLCDClock none No 0% kwxIndustrialIndicators
kwxLinearRegulator none No 0% kwxIndustrialIndicators
kwxAngularRegulator none No 0% kwxIndustrialIndicators
kwxBmpCheckBox none No 0% kwxIndustrialIndicators
wxLCDWindow none No 0% wxLCDWindow
mmMultiButton none No 0% mmwx
mmNavigator none No 0% mmwx
mmDropMonth none No 0% mmwx
mmHyperText none No 0% mmwx
mmHyperBitmap none No 0% mmwx
mmTextStretch none No 0% mmwx
mmTextStretch none No 0% mmwx
wxSpinReal none No 0% spinctrls
wxFDragSpinCtrl none No 0% wxFDragSpinCtrl
wxLEDPanel none No 0% wxLEDPanel
wxPlotCtrl none No 0% wxPlotCtrl
wxScintilla none No 0% wxScintilla
wxSheet none No 0% wxSheet
wxStEdit none No 0% wxStEdit
wxFileBrowser none No 0% wxThings
wxSpinCtrlDbl none No 0% wxThings
wxCustomButton Byo Yes 100% wxThings
wxBitmapComboBox none No 0% wxThings
wxTreeListCtrl none No 0% wxTreeListCtrl
wxVideoCapture none No 0% wxVideoCapture
wxVCL none No 0% wxVCL
wxTreeListCtrl none No 0% wxTreeListCtrl
DBControls none No 0% DBControls
wxAutoComboBox none No 0% wxAutoComboBox