Adding support for non C/C++ files to the build system

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This page is a work-in-progress and talks about a feature that is NOT yest available in Code::Blocks. This feature is nearing completion though so stay tuned :)


As you may already know, Code::Blocks is designed mainly for C/C++ development. This means that when it "sees" C/C++ files in your project it knows how to compile and link them to generate the resulting binary output. What about other types of files though? You may want to compile java or python files but, unfortunately, Code::Blocks knows nothing about them...

And there's this other case: in real world projects, it's not unusual for some of the files belonging to a project to be auto-generated. This is done through the use of another program/script that possibly takes an input file and generates one (or more) files based on that input. Code::Blocks, unfortunately, can't handle them either...

Or can it?

The answer is: ....... (drum-rolling) ........ (ta-da) ......... It sure can!.

Code::Blocks has been recently updated so it can be configured to recognize non C/C++ files and act accordingly on them during the build process. This article will describe those changes and provide a simple but real world example of such usage.

To Be Continued.

Mandrav 09:06, 17 September 2007 (UTC)