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Wiki reorganization / updating for RC3 release

I've started a full reorganization of the Wiki. Almost all pages are divided in to two main categories: User documentation and Developer documentation. I've also added a number of new categories. Some of the older articles I've put in the deletion requests category. Check the editing history for request reasons.

The most biggest change is in the installer documentation. All platforms have 1 documentation for each procedure: installing the latest official version, installing nightly build and installing Code::Blocks from source. Of cource there are documentation lacking in some of the operating systems.

I think it's very important that the Wiki will be updated reflect the changes in RC3. This requires rewriting some parts in almost every article. Luckily the parts that require rewriting are short and the base information of the article can be kept intact.

Some general tips

  • Do not start new articles before searching the older ones. Most importantly:
  • Do not announce patches or new plugins in the Wiki. Use the [/ forums] instead. Note that information about plugins should be in the Wiki.
  • Do not write articles that contain information about features specific to RC2. RC2 is old and will be replaced soon. Get ready for the next release and write about RC3 instead.

What can I do?

  • Wikify articles; search articles that use HTML code and replace those with Wiki syntax (note that some articles use HTML for "special effects" purposes, do not edit them). Add links to other articles. Make sure that articles use headings, paragraphs and code tags where needed.
  • Read articles, follow them and fix any mistakes you find.
  • Write about new features in RC3. You can get some ideas for articles from the roadmap. Again, please search before writing.

When replying to this message, put a "::" before your answer. This will indent the text

like this

which will result in better viewing experience.

Good night and good luck.

--Artojon 17:42, 8 July 2006 (EDT)