Installing Code::Blocks with LZM binary on Platypux

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PLATYPUX is a french Linux System which uses AUFS, SQUASHFS and LZM system. It could be installed on PCs, laptops, external hard disks or USB keys (with an easy installation in RAID 0 available).
You can have more informations in the official website In French or In English.
The mirror of the website is already available In French or In English

Download and add LZM in your PLATYPUX system

Binary LZM packages are available for PLATYPUX V5.

  1. Get the latest LZM binary of Code::Blocks here.
  2. Copy this file in the LZM partition, in the directory "modules" (Ex: if you LZM partition is in /dev/sda5, copy the LZM in /mnt/sda5/platypux/modules)
  3. Go to the directory "modules" and launch "activate xcodeblocks.lzm"
  4. Now, you can use it an add a link in your OpenBox menu