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Keyboard Shortcuts
Developer(s): Pecan
Maintainer(s): Pecan
Version: 1.0.49


This plugin can be used to bind one or more key shortcuts to the menu items.


  • Includes a configuation panel and a complete system to view/remove/add/edit command shortcuts.
  • Supports multiple key profiles and a complete load/save system is present.
  • Allows the users to customize any menu command they want, and define multiple key-shortcut to each command.


Image 1. Screenshot

The configuration page for the plugin can be accessed through the Settings\Editor menu, and then selecting the Keyboard Shortcuts section.

Image 1 shows a screenshot of the configuration dialog.

Selecting a command, from the Commands tree, shows the current shortcuts for that command on the right. In the picture Open... is selected and the default shortcut Ctrl-O is displayed.

To add a new shortcut, for the selected command, follow these steps:

  1. Place the focus on the text box under New Shortcut and press the keys, for example F3 or Ctrl-A.
  2. Check Currently assigned to, if another command already has that shortcut you will see it's name there. If the text says None it's safe.
  3. Press Add to add the shortcut on the list.
  4. Press OK on the dialog to save changes and return to editor.

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