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=== Supported compilers ===
=== Supported compilers ===
* [http://gcc.gnu.org/ GNU GCC (incl. G77)] (Linux)* [https://www.mingw-w64.org/ MinGW-w64] (Win)
* [http://gcc.gnu.org/ GNU GCC (incl. G77)] (Linux)
* [https://www.mingw-w64.org/ MinGW-w64] (Win)
* [https://github.com/jmeubank/tdm-gcc/ TDM GCC] (Win)
* [https://github.com/jmeubank/tdm-gcc/ TDM GCC] (Win)
* [https://www.msys2.org/ MSYS2] (Win)
* [https://www.msys2.org/ MSYS2] (Win)

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Code::Blocks is a free, open-source, cross-platform IDE. Using a plugin architecture, its capabilities and features are defined by the provided plugins.
Currently, Code::Blocks is oriented towards C/C++/Fortran. The Code::Blocks team does not take responsibility for the content nor accuracy of these pages.

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