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(bugs features and patches are on SF now, also update the old issued maintained by alpha on github)
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* [[Developer documentation]]
* [[Developer documentation]]
* [http://developer.berlios.de/projects/codeblocks/ Project page at BerliOS]
* [http://sourceforge.net/projects/codeblocks/ Project page at Sourceforge]
* [http://sourceforge.net/projects/codeblocks/ Project page at Sourceforge]
* '''Bugs''': [http://developer.berlios.de/bugs/?group_id=5358 Browse] or [http://developer.berlios.de/bugs/?func=addbug&group_id=5358 submit new]
* '''Bugs''': browse or submit [http://sourceforge.net/p/codeblocks/tickets/ bugs] or browse [http://alpha0010.github.io/cb-history/bugs.html old bugs]
* '''Features''': [http://developer.berlios.de/feature/?group_id=5358 Browse] or [http://developer.berlios.de/feature/?func=addfeature&group_id=5358 submit new]
* '''Features''': browse or submit [http://sourceforge.net/p/codeblocks/tickets/ features] or browse old [http://alpha0010.github.io/cb-history/features.html old features]
* '''Patches''': [http://developer.berlios.de/patch/?group_id=5358 Browse] or [http://developer.berlios.de/patch/?func=addpatch&group_id=5358 submit new]
* '''Patches''': browse or submit [http://sourceforge.net/p/codeblocks/tickets/ patches] or browse old [http://alpha0010.github.io/cb-history/patches.html patches]

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Code::Blocks is an open-source, cross-platform IDE. Using a plugin architecture, its capabilities and features are defined by the provided plugins.
Currently, Code::Blocks is oriented towards C/C++. The Code::Blocks team does not take responsibility for the content nor accuracy of these pages.

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