Per-project variables

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In addition to global variables, Code::Blocks supports usage of variables whose definition is stored within a project. To create a project variable, open Project->Build options...->Custom variables (tab). From the tree selection on the left-hand side, Code::Blocks offers the option of having the variable defined for the entire project, or per build target.

The center box contains a list of all currently defined project variables (this is often empty). Any variable defined here is accessible through the following styles:


It is often useful to use project variables to manage filename pre/post-fixes, as it enables all occurrences to be changed simultaneously.

Note: although variable definitions allow for the inclusion of other variables within them, care must be taken to insure an infinite loop is not created; Code::Blocks will detect and report many (but not all) erroneous definitions. Also, all global variable naming constraints apply to per-project variables.

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