Cscope plugin

From Code::Blocks
Developer(s): Daniel Anselmi
Version: 0.3

General information

This plugin integrates the source code searching features of Cscope into Code::Blocks (a Windows build is available at Cscope-win32). Cscope is especially useful on large projects, and can search for:

  • all references to a symbol
  • global definitions
  • functions called by a function
  • functions calling a function
  • text string
  • regular expression pattern
  • a file
  • files including a file

Although the parser within Cscope is targeted at C, it retains enough flexibility to provide functionality with C++ (and Java) code.

Installing CScope

This instruction is for codeblocks SVN Version > 11828.


Under Linux installing cscope should be as easy as calling your favorite package manager and installing cscope. Codeblocks should find the executable by default. If it can not find the cscope executable please set it in Settings->Environement->CScope . You can find the path to the cscope executable by typing locate cscope in your favorite terminal.


It is hard to find a precompiled binary for cscope on windows. The easiest solution is to install msys2 [1]. Follow the instruction on the website to install msys2. After installing and updating as described open the msys terminal and type pacman -S cscope. This will install cscope from the global package repository.

Now you have to setup codeblocks:

  1. Open Codeblocks
  2. Settings->Environment->CScope
  3. Press the button with the ... dots
  4. Search the cscope.exe executable. It is probably under INSTALL_DIRECTORY_OF_MSYS2\usr\bin\cscope.exe
  5. Close the dialog with OK
  6. Now you should be able to use the cscope functions in codeblocks (for ex. "Find functions calling XXXX").