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Language Code::Blocks SciTE
Ada Yes Yes
AngelScript (using the C++ lexer) Yes No
ANS.1 MIB definition files No Yes
Assembler (NASM, MASM) Yes Yes
Assembler (Hitachi, using the C++ lexer) Yes (Why it uses the C++ lexer????) No
AutoIt No Yes
Avenue No Yes
Baan No Yes
Bash Yes Yes
Batch (MS-DOS) Yes Yes
BlitzBasic No Yes
Bullant No Yes
C/C++ Yes Yes
Caml Yes No
C# (using the C++ lexer) No Yes
Clarion No Yes
CMake Yes No
conf (Apache) No Yes
CSound No Yes
CSS Yes Yes
D Yes Yes
diff files Yes Yes
E-Script No Yes
Eiffel No Yes
Erlang No Yes
Flagship (Clipper / XBase) Yes Yes
Flash (ActionScript) No Yes
Fortran Yes Yes
Forth No Yes
GameMonkey script Yes No
Haskell Yes Yes
HTML Yes Yes
HTML with embedded JavaScript, VBScript, PHP and ASP Yes Yes
GameMonkey Script (using the C++ lexer) Yes No
Gui4Cli No Yes
IDL (both MSIDL and XPIDL) No Yes
Java Yes Yes
JavaScript No Yes
Lisp Yes Yes
LOT No Yes
Lout No Yes
Lua Yes Yes
Make Yes Yes
Matlab Yes Yes
Metapost No Yes
Motorola 68k Yes No
nnCron No Yes
NSIS Yes Yes
nVidia cg (using the C++ lexer) Yes No
Objective C Yes No
Objective Caml No Yes
Ogre Compositor script (using the C++ lexer) Yes No
Ogre Material script (using the C++ lexer) Yes No
OpenGL Shading Language (using the C++ lexer) Yes No
Octave Yes Yes
Pascal/Delphi Yes Yes
Perl Yes Yes
PostScript Yes Yes
POV-Ray No Yes
PowerBasic No Yes
Properties Yes Yes
PureBasic No Yes
Python Yes Yes
Rebol No Yes
Ruby Yes Yes
Scheme No Yes
scriptol No Yes
Smalltalk Yes Yes
Specman E No Yes
Spice No Yes
SQL and PLSQL Yes Yes
Squirrel Yes No
TADS3 No Yes
TeX and LaTeX Yes Yes
Tcl/Tk No Yes
VB and VBScript Yes Yes
Verilog Yes Yes
VHDL Yes Yes
XBase Yes No
XML Yes Yes
  • ^  Supports code-folding.