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Troyf, I feel that the changes you've made on 2009-11-23 detract from the purpose of providing a *succinct* (quick) guide to getting started with wxWidgets on Windows.

  • Instructions on how to change the PATH variable in Windows are provided in my original link for the very purpose of avoiding reiteration within the guide.
  • The new layout pushes the table of contents quite a bit further down the page: the preface is inappropriately long.
  • The guide is designed for both MinGW/GCC users and Visual C++ users, but you haven't included the appropriate corresponding information for the Visual C++ users.
  • The line you added about wxPack making a wxWidgets build unnecessary is itself completely unnecessary, as the same information has already been presented in the summary of options and will be reiterated for good measure at the beginning of the build step.

If you feel that it's important to display this additional information, perhaps it would be more appropriate at the foot of the article in a note or FAQ. What are your thoughts?

- TDragon 14:29, 24 November 2009 (UTC)