Installing Code::Blocks

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Compiled packages of Code::Blocks

MS Windows







RPM based distributions

Such as: Red Hat Linux, Yellow Dog Linux, Fedora Core, CentOS, etc. etc.




Mac OS X

Working on Code::Blocks sources from within Code::Blocks!

The following applies for all platforms where you have Code::Blocks installed and working.

After correct install of Code::Blocks you will find two folders under .../trunc/scr , a directory named "devel" and another one named "output". These two folders will contain the same files and directory structure and you can use the IDE from either of these two directories. This structure has been created so that you can work in Code::Blocks while editing Code::Blocks' sources ;). Basically, you 'll be using the "output/CodeBlocks.exe" executable. Code::Blocks' project settings are such that all output goes under "devel". So you can edit Code::Blocks' sources inside Code::Blocks and, when pressing "Run", it will run the "devel/CodeBlocks.exe" executable ;). This way, you can't ruin the main executable you 're using (under "output"). When your changes satisfy you and all works well, quit Code::Blocks, run "make update" from command line and re-launch "output/CodeBlocks.exe". You 'll be working on your brand new IDE!