Browse Tracker plugin

From Code::Blocks
Developer(s): pecan
Version: 1

BrowseTracker is a small CodeBlocks plugin to browse back and forth to recently activated editors and recent cursor positions.

It uses the Alt-Left and Alt-Right command keys to move through the editor stack in the order in which they were activated.

It uses the Alt-Up and Alt-Down keys to navigate to recently marked editor positions.

For convienence there are menu items in the CodeBlocks View menu and the editor context popup that allow you further control over BrowseTracker.

For each active editor, BrowseTracker memorizes lines for which the Left mouse key has been held down for 1/4 second.

The BrowseMark can be toggled on or off.

The toggle key, clear key and delay are configurable via the settings menu.

All Browse mark can be cleared by a Ctrl-Left mouse click (user configurable).

BrowseMarks appear visually as "..." in the left editor margin.

Browse tracker saves and restores both Browse marks and Book marks across editing sessions.

The settings menu option allows the use of either a single Left_Mouse click or a Ctrl-Left_Mouse click to toggle BrowseMarks.

It also allows choices for clearing the BrowseMarks.