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Version: 1.0

CodeCompletion provides a symbols browser for your projects and code-completion inside the editor. During code-completion, a system of symbols is used to identify the type associated with the suggested tokens; these symbols are defined in the following table.

Public Protected Private Other
Class Class public.png Class protected.png Class private.png Class.png
Constructor Ctor public.png Ctor protected.png Ctor private.png
Destructor Dtor public.png Dtor protected.png Dtor private.png
Enumeration Enum public.png Enum protected.png Enum private.png Enum.png
Function Method public.png Method protected.png Method private.png
Macro Macro public.png Macro protected.png Macro private.png Macro.png
Namespace Namespace.png
Preprocessor Preproc.png
Typedef Typedef public.png Typedef protected.png Typedef private.png Typedef.png
Variable Var public.png Var protected.png Var private.png

Note: This is the user document of Code Completion plugin. Only C/C++ language is supported by this plugin (currently)...

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