Code Statistics plugin

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Code Statistics
Developer(s): Zlika
Maintainer(s): Zlika
Version: 0.5


Analizes the source code files of the current project and generates statistics.

The statistics generated are:

  • Number of files
  • Number of lines
  • Number and percentage of blank lines
  • Number and percentage of comment lines
  • Number and percentage of code lines
  • Number and percentage of lines that have mixed code and comments


  • Source code analisis for multiple languages
  • Configuration dialog


Image 1. Statistics Window

Analizing a Project

Activate the project you want to analize and then got to the menu Plugins\Code Statistics.

Image 1 shows a screenshot of the window that appears. In that image you can see that the analized project is small and poorly documented, because only 5 percent of the lines have comments.

Plugin Configuration

To add/remove/edit languages analized by the plugin go to the menu Settings\Editor. There select the section Code statistics settings and change the parameters according to your needs.