Debugger plugin

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Developer(s): Yiannis Mandravellos
Version: 0.3

The Debugger plugin interfaces with the GNU GDB and MS CDB debuggers, providing a graphical interface to these command-line tools.

Currently, the debugger branch (wxpropgrid_debugger) contains significantly improved debugging capabilities. See the [/index.php/board,20.0.html nightly builds] to download a recent version.

2012-04-07, as of rev7920, the debugger branch was merged to trunk, so all the new debugger plugin features is now in trunk.

The next generation of debugger plugin will use the GDB-MI interface, and it is under developement, but it is at least usable. You can try it. see [/index.php/topic,16230.msg109713.html#msg109713 GDB-MI Plugin].

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