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Developer(s): Gary Harris
Version: 1.7.658

DoxyBlocks is a plugin for Code::Blocks that integrates doxygen into the IDE. It allows you to create documentation, insert comment blocks and run HTML or CHM documents. It also provides configuration of some of the more commonly used settings and access to doxywizard for more detailed configuration.

  • Name: DoxyBlocks
  • Author: Gary Harris
  • Purpose: Doxygen integration for Code::Blocks.
  • Version: 1.6.606; State: - production
  • Last update: August 2010
  • Forum thread for discussion: /index.php/topic,12052
  • Link for download: Available in SVN and nightly builds. The plugin is not available in Code::Blocks 10.05, because it was added after the release.
  • SVN: Code::Blocks SVN.
  • Notes: Now in contrib.

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