How to add another announcement

From Code::Blocks
  • First, you need to setup another link to point to a new (empty) announcement page for the patch/plugin/lexer/template. To do so, click on "edit" beside the section to which you would like to add an announcment (e.g. the "edit" next to "Plugin announcements"). The easiest way is to copy & paste a link that is already present. For example, you might want to copy/paste/modify a previously entered Lexer/Template link for your announcement.
  • After that, change the link's title to something meaningful, e.g. the name of your plugin. Make sure you choose this well because this will be the name/title used for the new WiKi section you're creating.
  • Once this is done save the changes. You'll now see a new link to a WiKi section (that has no content, yet). If you click on the new link a new (blank) page will open that will contain the title of the new WiKi anouncement.
  • To add the announcement text itself, open the related template WiKi article (e.g. "Template for plugin announcement").
  • Click on the "edit" tab at the top of the page to copy the template (we are not going to change it, just copy it).
  • Copy the whole content and go back to the main annoucement WiKi section.
  • Click on the link you previously created. The window for the new page will open in edit mode since there is no content yet.
  • Paste the content of the copied template and change it to fit your announcement.
  • Finally click on the "Save page" button to create the new announcement in the WiKi.

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