Installing Code::Blocks from source on Mageia 7

From Code::Blocks

This a small tutorial from this original french web site: [1]

Here the translation:

Download the sources:

For this small tutorial, i propose to create a folder: Codeblocks. And to open a console at this path.

The hierarchy will be like that:

           *-/bin                         # binaries generated by the command
           |                              # «make install»
           *-/codeblocks-code*            # sources
           |                 |
           |                 *-configure  # generate by «bootstrap»
           *                     # This script generate the «configure»
                                          # file, make and build the solution.
                                          # The binaries will be install into
                                          # the «bin» folder.

First clone the Codeblocks repository :

svn checkout codeblocks-code

The folder will be like that:


It's propable that the transfer failed lots of time. To pass-through you have to repeat the checkout like that:

cd codeblocks-code
svn cleanup
cd ..
svn checkout codeblocks-code

Install the dependancies:

Remark for hunspell select your languages.

urpmi autoconf libtool automake lib64squirrel-devel hunspell hunspell-fr hunspell-en lib64hunspell-devel lib64wxgtku3.0-devel lib64tinyxml-devel lib64gamin-devel

Update the repository, build and install localy:

The build will be install into the folder Codeblocks/bin. To that execute the next script in the Codeblocks folder.

# Absolute path to this script, e.g. /home/user/bin/
SCRIPT=$(readlink -f "$0")
# Absolute path this script is in, thus /home/user/bin
cd codeblocks-code
svn revert --recursive .
svn update
# You can call «cd codeblock-code | svn cleanup --remove-unversioned» before to launch this script to clean all the generated files.
if [ -f ./configure ]; then
    make clean
    make distclean
    make clean-bin
    make clean-zipfiles   
./configure --prefix="$SCRIPTPATH/bin" --with-contrib-plugins=all
make -j $(($(nproc) -1))
make install


./configure: line 21397: AM_OPTIONS_WXCONFIG: command not found
./configure: line 21398: syntax error near unexpected token `3.0.0,'
./configure: line 21398: `AM_PATH_WXCONFIG(3.0.0, wxWin=1)'

Maybe you have generate the ./configure file before to have install the wx3 dev libraries. You can try to clean all the generated files like that:

cd codeblock-code
svn cleanup --remove-unversioned
cd ..

After that call again the last script

If it doesn't work you can begin an investigation here: